Insert vector in text paragraph

Hi everyone.
Is there a way to insert a vector ( a shape, line or icon ) in a text paragraph and make it flow with the text?

Some of you might be familiar with InDesign, which has this feature.

Hey Daniele! How are you doing?

Maaan, this brought me a lot of nostalgia when I used InDesign during my masters :sweat_smile: to jump on your question: no. If you want to have a vector within a text element you need to wrap it all in a frame with auto-layout considering the same spacing you have for your whole paragraph:

That’s what I know so far, I’m glad if I can assist you further:

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Hey Thiago! I’m good thanx!

Thanx for the suggestion, and yes, that might be a hack, but unfortunately does not give the full control I need.

No big deal for now, but I move this to feature request as it might be useful.

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