Infinite Loading | Multiple Devices

Projects have been infinitely loading on the Figma Desktop app for Mac specifically across my two MacBook Pro 14in M1 Pro Macs.

Prototyping has been a big issue with the prototype of our product rarely opening on the app.

For some reason the web app does not share the same problem.

This bug has got in the way of my workflow daily and happens very often. Sometime I will have to quit and restart Figma multiple times.

Hey @Charlie_B, apologies if this has caused any disruption in your work!

As our first troubleshooting step, can we try clearing out your cached files and see if that helps?

You can clear the desktop app cache on a Mac in the Help menu under Troubleshooting.

If you’d prefer to manually clear your cache you can:

  1. Quit the Figma desktop app
  2. Open and enter the following command: rm -rf “$HOME/Library/Application Support/Figma”
  3. Try opening the desktop app again

Can you please confirm if the prototype performance issue is happening to a specific file? The most common reason for these issues is the file’s memory limitations. At the moment, the workaround for prototypes not loading or loading with problems is to reduce the overall memory of the Figma file. This should help with any prototypes, regardless of the device or operating systems. Tips on reducing memory can be found here: Reduce memory usage in files.

Please let me know if you are seeing any error message on your end and if clearing the desktop cache solves the issue.

Thank you,