Independent Connection Points for Table Rows/Columns

If I’m adding detail to the contents of a table in FigJam, I would like to be able to point to a specific row in my current instance, and not generalized direction toward the entire table. Cheers.


Yes please this is so important to have

Yes! I keep having to make my connectors into straight lines that aren’t actually linked to the table in order to keep the connections clear between specific columns or rows of a table.

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I need this as well! Would be so useful, especially for Entity Relationship Diagrams

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Please add this feature. It’s very difficult to create ERDs in FigMa. Sorry to say this but Miro, Lucidchart and do technical diagrams better. I’m forced to use FigMa by my company.

Thanks for the feedback, All!

We’ll pass this onto the FigJam team for future consideration.

I need the ability to properly create technical diagrams. This is the one sole feature that could greatly improve the process of designing databases.

My company is open to getting Lucid Chart but ideally I’d want to keep all of my work within the Figma ecosystem.

Just found this UML Diagram template. It’s a good temporary fix.

This Figma Widget covers all that I currently need:

If the link changes, search up Figtable by Arthur Fontaine

+1 here. The UML template is a good start but without the connectors pointing right at attribute fields I can’t move tables around and maintain the diagram.
None of the table widgets have cell connectors either, which I think is a Figma technical limitation(?) also.