Include branch names in version history

It would be very useful to see Branch names in the Version History, instead of simply “Branch created” and “Branch merged”. Abstract’s ‘Commits’ section allows for much better traceability when looking back at changes made to the Main file.

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To add to this note, my colleague on the apple desktop app can see the name of the branch in the version history, both created and merged for more recent branches but not older branches. But the browser view shows no names after the branch is merged. It almost feels like a bug at times because it doesn’t show branch name consistently.


Hey @Jillian_Bucheim, thanks for the feedback!

We confirmed with our team that this is actually a bug, but resolving it will require some refactoring and modifying of our underlying code infrastructure to achieve a comprehensive resolution.

While don’t have an ETA to share at this time, as a workaround, it may be helpful to find the branch you’re looking for in the “All Branches” modal instead.