In prototype : selecting drag instead of click while using cmd click to select object

Hello everyone,

I’ve been having this issue for a while now I just figured out why. When prototyping, I use cmd + click to select the object, then drag the arrow to next selected frame and 90% of the time, the action automatically choose “drag” instead of “click”.

When I select with cmd + click, the prototype tool creates a new layer of prototyping with “drag” action and leaves the “click” layer with no ending path. which obviously never works. Why ?! It’s super annoying ! I have to delete the empty click on layer to replace the drag layer with click everytime. Did you find a solution to resolve this problem ? Or is it an UX issue ?


Hey @Lisa11, thank you for reaching out! I am not sure if I follow, I tried to reproduce this on my end but I did to receive the “on drag” interaction.

Did I understand you correctly? You are using command to deep select a nested child layer or the top-level frame and then dragging the connection to another frame but received the “on drag” interaction instead of the “on click” interaction?

Can you please show me a screen recording on what you’re seeing here in your end to get a better understanding? “leaves the “click” layer with no ending path.”

Thank you in advance!

May-21-2024 17-17-20
When you copy an element from an old file to a new one, and it had a click interaction in the old file, the interface dragger still creates a drag action on top of the empty click interaction, even if the Click action is set to None.

This causes significant frustration because, with a ‘None’ event, there is no visual indication that a click event even exists. You expect the element to behave like one with no click action, but it doesn’t. As a result, I frequently have to go back and delete and fix these.