Improve font search and add filter

Figma’s almost entirely replaced my set of tools and it’s a lifesaver! Still a few features I miss out from Photoshop which I think can be implemented to Figma.

Font Filter:
So, I used to use illustrator for this and obviously that’s what it’s meant for. But now that I’ve switched to Figma almost entirely, I see myself going back to Illustrator for just this feature. So when I’m selecting fonts, there are no previews. There is also no way to filter them by sans serif, serif, etc. I’d love to see something along these lines implemented!


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Add filter to text block, so you could quickly sort & search fonts by style: serif, sans-serif, handwritten, and so on.

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And Fuzzy search would be absolutely awesome.
It would also solve this HUGE issue for FontAwesome users because we’ll be able just to type 6!

i complain about this so often, especially with how many fonts there are. currently you can find plugins that help do it for now but hopefully they implement it one day

When trying to select a font I often find myself wishing there was an option to filter by type. When you’ve got a library of thousands of fonts it can be very tricky to test how something is going to look in a range of styles.

The font selector could incorporate a filter icon in the top right, which when ticked lets you select from (as an example):

  1. Serif
  2. Sans-Serif
  3. Script
  4. Display
  5. Handwritten
  6. Monospaced
  7. Display Serif
  8. Display Sans-Serif
  9. Blackletter
  10. Slab Serif

I appreciate not all of these may be possible as I’m not aware of how easy it is to access the metadata info on the fly like that.

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