Implement HTTP Endpoint to retrieve a list of account teams?

Hello everyone!

Personally came across a lot of requests on this one while reading other people’s experience related to Figma API.

It would be super helpful and nice if there would be an HTTP Endpoint to retrieve all teams related to an account, or possibly something similar would be also to have an HTTP Endpoint that returns a list of projects of that account that has as a return value the team_id.

Please keep in mind that this apparently is a request since quite a bit of time, and it would make the development and integrating Figma much more easier!

Thank you in advance,

Nina Kelmendi


I had the same problem with integrating Figma, if this comes faster it will be very helpful!


+1! Big big big issue when trying to create a user-friendly Figma Integration


Has been brought up a number of times. API use and experience is really poor without this feature being implemented.

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+1 This is almost a show stopper for multiple of my plugins. I totally agree with Corey. The UX if this is really poor.

@Figma: Is there a reason for this that we are missing?

Agreed, many plugins are stalled due to this issue. Hoping Figma team addresses it soon for smoother workflow continuation. Requesting an HTTP endpoint from Figma team for retrieving all teams related to an account in Figma API. Would greatly facilitate development and integration in my projects.

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