I want to change component properties with smart animate "while scrolling" on a prototype but can't find a good way of doing it

I can find a way to change my component style “on click” for example, but not “while scrolling”. I would like a component to be in a specific style when I’m on top of the page but the moment I start scrolling then it changes from “Opened” to “Closed”.

Is there a way of doing so?

Hi @Quentin_Saubadu, Thanks for reaching out about the prototype trigger. I appreciate you sharing the helpful screenshots!

Currently, creating any action triggered “while scrolling” might be a bit challenging.
You might already be aware, but this article provides detailed information on our prototyping triggers: Prototype triggers

Although not ideal, one approach you could try is connecting “Opened” and “Closed” with smart animate using the “on drag” trigger.
For more information, you can refer to this article: Smart animate layers between frames

It looks like what you’re searching for is connected to a popular idea from another community member here: “On Scroll” for prototyping
Please feel free to take a look!

I hope this helps clarify things a bit. If anyone in our community has suggestions to share, please feel free to join this conversation!