I do not have "Installed plugins" or "Manage plugin" as an option!

I have 50+ plugins, and been using Figma for years.

I would like to remove some of my plugins.

If I click on plugins, I only get the very long list of plugins, and find more plugins.
I do not have “Installed plugins” or “Manage plugin” as an option!

I can install the same plugin, with “Try it out” even I have it.

If I click the burger menu next to the plugin in community, I only have “options”, where I can install the plugin, one more time.

In Figma community top menu, I have

Team syncs
Design systems
Visual assets

But no plugin?

If I install a plugin from community, and go back again, it show up as “try it out” and I can install it again, and again? It open as a project, and not just install the plugin!

I have seen all YouTube films about this topic, but some functions is missing on my computer , in browser and desktop version, from what I see in YouTube. I have also tried with different accounts, but have the same issue.

Please help

You are watching outdated videos. Plugins no longer need to be installed to use them so there is no install button anymore. “Try it out” button doesn’t install the plugin — it just creates a new file where you can play with the plugin just like in any other files that you have.

Now you can add plugins to favorites. Use this menu and you’ll figure it out from there.

Thanks. That was a big help.

I´m good.

But it is still a little confusing for me?

  1. Why is there no shortcut to “resources” from plugins, that would be more easy to understand.

  2. I would like to have “Saved” and “Recent” as 2 different options i resources. Now I have to go to Plugins, to a see list of my plugins (not in alphabetical order). If you dont remember the name of a plugin, you have to go to this list.

  3. The burger menu in “resources” only have one option “More details”, which give the user an extra click for no reason. Why?