I can't see nested instances option

I knew nested instances was on Beta, but as far i searched i didn’t saw Figma decided to cut it out, so i have a very simple component with one illustration and one icon, one of them have a few variants, and i did a molecule with one varian and one icon, i really need the nested instance this time and i don’t have the option (is it a bug?) i also have a pro account.

Have you activated the component properties beta feature in your account settings?

Yes i did in the past, it seems it reseted itself, thanks, it worked! :smile:

Hello both,

Hope you are doing well.

I encountered the same issue where I cannot find ‘Nested Instance’ even I turn on the beta feature in my account setting, do you happen to know why this is the case at all? It is super frustrating :melting_face:

Thank you in advance and I look forward to hearing from you soon xxx


Same here, I have enabled this option in account setting but I can’t access to this features. :frowning:

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I think main trick of that you have to download the Beta Version of Figma to get this option working on Desktop App. Just turning this switch in regular version of the App has no effect (

Sorry for late response all, i think with the update the Beta features are now part of the normal.