I can't assign a variable to a component instance

I can’t enable or assign a variable to an instance of a component.
This action does not work on the parent component.

However, if I instantiate it, and then do the detach, the option to assign the variable appears. What am I doing wrong?



Seems like that’s just how variables work? Running into the same issue. Wonder if this is another account-type limitation or just an oversight. If other designers can’t change variables within instances, kind of limits the scope of… usefulness… in a debilitating way.

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@Emerson_Lemos this is a bug inside of Figma’s recent release, you are doing nothing wrong on your end - which I’m sure you have figured out by now since this response is months later than your original post.

I’m seeing this inside of my components as well. For example, making a dropdown. You will generally have nested components which make up the parent component, namely a text field component with the options to select (which make another component). My text field component can have a variable attached to it by itself, but as soon as I combine it with my options component to make the parent Dropdown component, I am unable to link a variable to the text field component.

This is something Figma is going to have to fix, and unfortunately I have not found any work arounds since I noticed this bug; if you have however, please share! :slight_smile: Hopefully we get an answer soon.

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