Hyphenation for Text Tool

Still missing :frowning:

Screenshot 2023-04-19 at 11.57.30

does not work like that (unless you manually included a - as part of the content - which beats the purpose of hyphenation for text tool because hyphenation is expected to display -s when they are needed, even when they are not part of the text), at least based on what I have seen since the day I started working in Figma. And I just did this additional test to make sure:


This is soooo needed for german and over languages! Please please please add it!


for god’s sake, figma! add a hyphenation text property!!!


Please add it!

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FIGMA could actually become a real contender vs InDesign with these sort of changes. Certainly the ability create layouts, move objects, create moodboards is unparalleled with FIGMA.

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Yes please <3 One of the organisations I collaborate it uses Figma already for making e-books, but those justified paragraphs with gaps as huge as Grand Canyon don’t look very good. Looked into options how to make a plugin workaround, but here it wouldn’t help much; even if we got some node hyphenation package to work, it would probably only be able to add silent hyphens or actual hyphens statically, but those wouldn’t update on any change in text or its bounding box.

What would really help at least before a full option to hyphenate text, if Figma could render silent hyphens. They do break words now, but it’s useless without the actual hyphen.

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*collaborate with

Yes! Support soft hyphens!

we need it, now that the adobe team has taken over it will surely arrive immediately… right? XD (bad choice of emoji sorry)

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Up! Needed :slight_smile:

Add it folks… why is this taking so long???

Yes please add hyphenation for text!

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+1, need hypenation for block text!


I tried to make my own Figma plugin but there’s no way :sob: :sob:
Really really needed.

Hi there,

Thank you all for providing feedback! I will share this with our internal team. Your input is highly valued, and we will take it into consideration for future enhancements.



this would be such a good update!!!
Please !

I would really appreciate this feature!

Yes, please let us hyphenate.