Hyphenation for Text Tool

When I write create long paragraphs with text tool on the Figma I get the unnecessary spaces on edges of the paragraph like below.

But I think if there a hyphenation feature (like Adobe Photoshop) it could add dashes automatically on the texts and fix this issue.

Image 2021-06-03 at 3.03.57 PM

So, what do you think about this feature feedback?


Yes please! Automatic hyphenation can be done with CSS, so it should be made possible in our Figma mock-ups as well!


Yes, I can’t believe they have all these features around fonts like character variants and stylistic sets and all that, but they don’t have hyphenation which is a basic CSS functionality.


I will ditch indesign if this feature drops.


Would like to see this feature in some future version:

Yes, this would improve our workflow significantly! Not only do we have to communicate that we want to use automatic hyphenation separately to our developers right now we also have to communicate it to our copywriters who take screenshots from our Figma designs and use them on our Knowledge base and other public places to communicate to our users/customers

So this would create a more efficient workflow and collaboration and would make it less error-sensitive.

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Some interfaces need a bit of explaining to the users, some tooltips run long especially in specialized products. As someone who is a graphic and interface designer this feature is a basic function. It’d be great to have this soon and save a lot of effort as opposed to manually add hyphens to get the correct paragraph styling.

Please add this feature :slight_smile:

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That would be excellent if we had access to hyphenation. It really leads to better visibility on small columns of text.

PLEASE add this.

Currently having to go into indesign for this feature.

need this!!!

Good point about it being in CSS! Do you know when it was added?

Still missing :cry:

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I would also ditch indesign right away.

:pray: there’s still hope?

“Automatic hyphenation on the web has been possible since 2011…” from: All you need to know about hyphenation in CSS | by Richard Rutter | Clearleft Thinking | Medium

So it was only 11 years ago, obviously still a niche thing that nobody uses. [sarcasm off] :man_facepalming:

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YES PLEASE! :partying_face:

Can’t believe Figma still doesn’t have hyphenation…Please please please please make it happen!


Please add this feature! Would be so helpful

I"m surprised this has not been done yet. The original idea was posted on 2021. Come on Figma team!

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