HTML elements, CSS layouts

For some background: I’ve been designing in digital for over 25 years.
I’m not a coder, but I understand a great deal of HTML and CSS.

The majority of my work is in enterprise web applications.

Figma is really easy-to-use, but it is basically a vector drawing tool with some light interactivity bolted on. It doesn’t have any built-in structures / primitives / tools that are 1:1 parallels of web elements or how CSS styles work.

This becomes a barrier to creating prototypes for enterprise interfaces which are largely forms and tables.

What I would like to see is:

  • Basic HTML semantic structures with nesting, that show up the way nested frames do now - div / header / section / footer etc
  • HTML form elements - button / input / select with the associated types, attributes and behaviors - 99% of my work is forms, so not having to fake these with rectangles would be cool - basic primitives and states included, stylable by the user, or with default “browser styles”.
  • Actual tables for tabular information - again, in enterprise systems, you’re using these all the time. Equivalents to all HTML table elements like thead, tfoot, tr, td, etc. Sortable tables would be a++
  • CSS-compatible style classes that are reusable - so if I have a class that says “add a 1px border to this thing” I can just apply it to anything; this would also be super useful for creating text styles so we can fix the ‘no multiple text styles in a text box’ issue.
  • CSS-compatible layout tools in place of Autolayout - Flexbox and Grid (and subgrid) including all the usual attributes, including automatic row wrapping, so we can easily create layouts for different device types just by resizing a parent element
  • CSS measurements - px, fr, ch, pt, percent etc - that relate to the parent element, not the current element.
  • min / max width as many have already requested

Hi @A.J_Kandy , thanks for your feedback! Do not also forget to vote up your idea :ballot_box:

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