How to turn off Dark Theme on Dark Mode

Hi Figma Community,

Sorry I might have been missing something, there is a prompt last night to turn on dark mode for figma

I don’t really like the look on it and wanted to turn it off, looking at the settings there is no toggle for turning dark mode on/off, does anyone know how to turn it off?


Ok, Please anyone help me get out of this suffering lol

Go to any file, enable light mode, reload Figma.

You can find the menu through the dropdown menu on the left while in a file, or you can also use the ⌘+/ search menu to find the toggle.


Thank you so much, I forgot about the settings on the left side haha

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Had very similar issue, was getting frustrated that the setting was not working on the home page. Apparently, you can only avail the option once you open the file.