How to setup Button component with varying icon sizes?

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I need your help because I’ve run out of ideas when building Button components.
For a project I have to figure out how to effectively integrate nested icon components with different sizes.

I already built quite complex Button variants containing options for type (primary, secondary, …), color, size (large, medium, small), icon (left, none, right) and state (normal, hover, active, disabled etc.). But I could not solve different icon sizes properly.

See this screenshot for more explanation:

Looking forward to any new ideas!

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Add an Auto Layout container for the icon instance with “Hug content” settings, and set the icon instance to “Fixed width” and “Fixed height”.

I’ve already tried that but unfortunately, that doesn’t work either.
The icon still keeps the original components size values.
It seems the width and height cannot be changed as an override.

It’s possible. Could you share a link to the file?

You can also use the forum search where icon resizing is discussed and where you can find sample files.

Here is an example file with variants:

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Ohhhhhh! :exploding_head: The icon component itself must be set as an auto-layout container!
I only tried it with a surrounding auto-layout frame inside the button where I placed icon components inside.

Now it works – thank you very much! :tada:

For anyone interested and wondering, here is the link to my example file:

It’s not obligatory. You can also see this example:

This example was built as I wrote here: