How to save existing styles?

Hello everyone!

In my foundations file I have plenty of color styles that are being used in my components library. I created a branch to start putting those colors into variables and use them instead, however, because the existing color styles were creating confusion in the branch, I removed all the color styles from the branch to keep it clean and now I only have the colors as variables.

Now, I’m worry that by merging the branch, because I deleted all the color styles they will also be removed from the foundations file and affect the existing components. Is there a way that I can bring back the color styles back into the branch so that when I merge it, I still have the color styles available and does’t impact the component library? This is important because the transition of changing the components from using color styles to variables might take a while.

Thank you!

Hey Bruno, thank you for reaching out! Have you tried to revert the branch’s history to the version where styles were still available?
More information on how to restore a previous version you can find here: