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How to save all the projects at once?

Hello everyone!
Hope you’re doing great!

Is there any way we could save all the projects as .fig at once from an account?

I’ve been doing it manually for each project for a while now, but I’m in a scenario in which I need to save every project I’ve in my account to make a huge backup of every Figma file.

Hope this can be done, or will in a near future.
Please let me know if you have any information about this, that would be amazing!

Thanks in advance!

From: 'save local copy' stuck at 'Downloading images and saving...' - #4 by Gleb

There was a discussion about this before too:

Thanks Gleb!

This kinda s*cks a bit, don’t you think? Is there anything Figma’s team could do about this… in a future maybe?

We should be able to open any .fig file :frowning:

There were no public announcements of anything related to this. You are free to create a topic in #product-feedback or move this one there and turn it into a suggestion instead of a question.

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