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How to resize components without icons being streched?

This is pretty basic, however, I am not able to find solution, maybe you guys can help.

I am trying to create a component with rectangle, text and two icons. This element will be reused in different screen sizes so it’s width should be easily resized by keeping icons exactly the same distances from edges.

The icons stretch when I am just using constraints:

Is there any other way to create such kind of component?

What exactly are you trying to resize? From the picture it seems like the icon is attached not to the component but to something bigger. Are you resizing a group by any chance? Groups ignore all constraints and resize objects inside proportionally, only frames/components resize/move elements based on constraints.

Hey, thanks!

I was trying to resize a group. The same thing works perfectly when converted to a Figma component. Thanks for fast response!

If I am understanding what you are trying to accomplish.
You need to set the icons to fixed width and height and then copy to auto width. Then in the auto layout you set the icons to fixed and the copy to fill container. That should keep the icons square and the copy will push them to the left and right sides as you have depicted.