How to replace all local components with published one?

I recently subscribed to a Figma paid plan and organized my design into separate files. For the mobile design, I created a new file. Subsequently, I made a third file and transferred all components from the initial file to create an ‘assets’ file. After publishing these files, I expected the web file to automatically update and use the published components, but it seems to be using the local components instead. I also deleted my local components in the hope that my file would automatically fetch the published components, but unfortunately, that didn’t happen. I aim to have my web file dynamically reflect changes made in the assets file to streamline the update process. This is my first time using the paid version of Figma, and I’d appreciate guidance on achieving this synchronization between files.

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Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately, you need to publish assets to use them in different files. Here is the article:

Before you can access components, styles, or variables in other files, you need to publish them as a library. You can choose which ones to publish, and on the Organization and Enterprise plans, who can have access to them.

If you change a published style, component, or variable, Figma will only apply the changes to instances in the current file. If you want those changes to be reflected in your library, you will also need to publish those changes to the library.

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