How to remain the same image size (optimized/small) when importing and exporting?

Hi everyone, hope you’re having a great day.

I’m trying to consolidate down-sized images (>200kb) into a Figma file. But when I export these images with normal x1 JPG setting, the exported image size becomes much larger (>500kb) than it should be.

Anyone encounter this problem too? How can we fix this?

Hi @Vanessa_Chan2 ,
We recommend you a workaround by using TinyImage plugin , it can reduce the JPG size. You can also find lots of apps on the web that can compress JPGs online. Hope that helps!


I’m trying not to use plugins but BIG THANKS for your answer!:slight_smile:

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This issue is a big deal since the DEV mode is a thing now.

I was used to passing the compressed images in the correct sizes to our FE devs in one big file.

I thought that now they could easily export the files. But when the file is exported, the original 300KB file exports as 1.6MB which is a massive difference for a page loading speed.

It would be nice to have some solution without using any plugins.

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