How to Persist Figma Component Instance in Plugin memory and perform Operations on it

Hi Community ,

When ever we create any node like frame , component , rectangle , image in plugin it instantly shows on current page of the user . And than we can perform any operations we want to apply on that node right .

Can we do like when every we create a frame we don’t show it to user and still we have access of the node from the memory ?

let currentFrame;
const newFrame =  figma.createFrame();
currentFrame = frame ;
newFrame .remove();


Error which i get —> Uncaught Error: in createComponentFromNode: The node with id “133:34661” does not exist
at Object.createComponentFromNode (
at :1:7

The Above Error Make sense is there is any way i can do it ? . My main goal is i create complete UI in memory and i will ask user to export the component and than it appears on the current page of the user.

No there are no such mechanics.

Construct the component on request.

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