How to open component in a different direction

I am trying to expand a button upwards like this

The problem is that it opens towards the bottom. I read online I need to change the constraints, but nothing happens even if I change them.

This is another question in this forum that has the same problem as me but no answers were given: Change open/close direction for auto animate

I believe I’m not picking up on the full ask you’re having (tried the other topic for clarification but still not sure). I made a recording:

It’s a quickly drafted design similar to what i saw on your screenshot. Is this what you’re lookin to happen? Or is there more actions that need to be happening?

Thanks, that is exactly what i am looking for but I need to do it with a component instead of simply switching between frames. Here’s a video example of what is my problem: Untitled video - Create and share your videos with Clipchamp