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How to migrate external teams inside an organization?


Recently we decided to update our teams to organisation plan. We decided to try it on 1 of our 3 teams at first and then, if everything is fine, we would transfer other teams.

We did it, but now we cannot understand how to transfer other teams :slight_smile:

And now we stuck it the situation when two of our teams is outside of organization (with Professional plan).

Every editor on these teams is already member of our organisation (as editor too). It’s projects and files outside of it. And both of the teams are on Professional plan.

How can we transfer our team inside our organization?

P.S.: we created ticket on this in support, but received no answer #397990

Hi @Dmitryevt
Have you found a way to do this? We have the same issue and it seems Figma support takes its time to reply :face_with_monocle: