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How to make a single-axis-resizable component for FigJam instead of the default scaling?

I have noticed that you can resize a “SHAPE_WITH_TEXT” node on a single axis but all other components can only be “scaled” on resize.

How can I make a FigJam component that’s able to resize on a single axis? instead of having to type spaces and empty lines into a text layer to push the hugging auto-layout, FYI, the component I made is able to resize on a single axis in the design file and behaves perfectly.

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I just tried and, interestingly, I can resize things without maintaining the ratio via the keyboard: Cmd/Ctrl + (optional Shift) + arrow keys.

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Oh wow, that’s some deep secret :rofl: you must’ve tried every single possible key combo on the keyboard lol

This is super useful! Thanks a ton, @Gleb.
You’ve just discovered the first useful hack in FigJam :trophy:

I’m using this combination in Figma every day. :sweat_smile:

Also tried with the zero-frame, it creates an interesting effect where the stroke scales but everything else stretches. It seems like FigJam uses Figma’s Scale tool by default so everything is resized proportionally. But in this case fortunately Scale tool doesn’t work with keyboard shortcuts (although a lot of people have been asking for something like this).

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