How to include UI with a Text Review Plugin?

Trying to do the following:

figma.showUI(__html__, { visible: true });

results in the following error: “Cannot show UI in queryMode.”

Does this mean it’s not possible to mix UI with a Text Review Plugin?

If that’s the case, it’s very limiting to not be able to show underlines AND a custom UI for interacting with them.

Yes, you can’t show the UI when the textreview event fires. If you want to make a network request, do it in the plugin code using fetch(url) or change the value of the visible property to false in the showUI method.

This does not require a UI, because the underline range must be returned by the callback function of the textreview event.

Thanks for the reply. Yes, I realize that I can set the UI to be visible: false. The docs should probably be clearer that this is a requirement for Text Review plugins.

This does not require a UI

Grammarly, for example, includes underlines as well as UI to interact with them.

It appears to me that the Figma APIs allow me to either

  1. replace the default spellcheck and show my own underlines (which only works when editing text, and doesn’t work well for text deletions because there’s no suggestion)
  2. OR add UI which can interact with the document, but not show underlines

But why is this an either/or? I’d like to do both.

This is a requirement not only for Text Review plugins, but also for plugins with parameters. That is, for plugins that work in a restricted environment (queryMode). But I agree with you, it should be described in the documentation.

Is this a plugin for Figma? I can’t find it in the Figma community.

It will be great if you write to the support team for them to respond.

You can return an empty string as a suggestion.