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How to hide element in prototype?

Hello :slight_smile:

currently I’m working on a prototype and I have a list with removable listitems.
I’m using Autolayout and by letting the user click “x” on the listitem, I want it to be removed from the list. Is this possible in Figma?

No, this is not possible to do in a “programmatic” way, but you can create another frame with one item removed and transition to it when the remove button is pressed.

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Hi Gleb,
thanks. I hoped that I could do a bit more realistic prototype without having tons of frames, now that interactive components had been released. Very unfortunate. But thank you! I will go with that workaround.

Interactive components are still in beta and they don’t support auto layout at this point, but when they will be released they should work with auto layout so this might be somewhat possible.