How to get unclipped frame image in GET Image API?

By default Clip Contents is True for all frames. When downloading all the frames as images using GET image api, i get clipped images and there is no parameter to set clip contents to false during the api call and we do not have edit access to the prototype.

Is there any way by I can get the entire unclipped frame in get image api.

We tried “use_absolute_bounds” parameter in api, but it only works if clip contents is already set to false in design. Ideally we need something which does the opposite of what this parameter does.

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In case my query is not clear, here is an example: if “clip contents” is turned on in Figma, then I am getting the output shown in left side of this picture, I need the output as shown in right side of this picture without manually turning off “clip contents” in Figma.