How to generate URL to specific node?

I have the Figma page URL, the node ID (1:2, 1:3, etc), and the file key. Is there a way to generate a URL to a specific node? from what I’m able to see, the URL should be{file_key}/{file_name}?node-id=/{node_id} but the node_id appears in the URL as something like 1%3A2&t=LmbhyU6Dh4wZFrzK-0. Is there a way to convert the 1:3 node_id from the original node object into the string necessary for this? Thanks for the help.

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The same question. I also need file_key. Unclear how to get it.

1%3A2 = 1:2.


Why is it available for private plugins only? It’s strange.