How to extract Frame links along with the frame name for a given document?

For each frame you can go to it and click “Copy Link” to get a link to that specific frame. It gives you a URL like:[random-numbers-letters]/[doc-name]?type=design&node-id=4-7681&mode=design

Is there a way to extract ALL links in the document along with the frame name without having to grab each one manually?

example with the frame names being “Index Page” and “Welcome page”

Index Page |[random-numbers-letters]/[doc-name]?type=design&node-id=4-7681&mode=design
Welcome Page |[random-numbers-letters]/[doc-name]?type=design&node-id=2-3119&mode=design

Figma doesn’t have this feature, but you can try searching the Figma Community for a plugin with this functionality, or write your own plugin.