How to export several A4 design as one pdf file?

I created a book on Figma, and it has several A4 with designs on top. When I click “file” and export, it only export some items, but not the whole pages:

The A4 are on the frame setting already, and all the designs are “grouped” together with the frame. Also, they’re connected in the prototype mode in the order the pages should be.

How can I export all pages at once in the correct order?

Hi, mate.
Try this steps, should help.

Ensure each A4 page is in its own frame and arranged in the correct order.
Select all frames representing your book pages.
Go to “File” > “Export” and choose your settings.
Click “Export” to export all selected frames/pages at once.

Good luck)

hi @Mel_Mattos I believe the Super PDF plugin would fix all the issues you are having… and it’s free.

It can export multiple frames and combine them into a single PDF file. It can also sort the pages for you depending on the option you select and how you have your frames named.

Give it a try and let me know if that works for you. Happy to help.