How to enable text input for users when we simulate /play screens for users?

I am creating a login screen for my project and am creating a text input field for users to enter the USER ID and Password. When i play the screen , i should be able to enter those fields , how do we do that?

There is no way to have users actually type on prototypes in Figma. To do that you’d have to pull what you create in Figma into a more advanced prototyping tool.

So, i was of the assumption that figma is a prototyping tool and that you could leverage this tool to create interactions and enable typing . For example iRise has the capability of allowing users to type in the prototype .

Figma prototyping is more for high-level demonstration/validation of usability and user flows. If you need hyper-realistic or functional prototypes–the kind with conditional logic, user input, complex micro interactions, etc–you’d want to use a different tool like Axure.