How to copy text from one node to other

Hey everyone, I’m wondering is there is a way to copy the text from one node to other using plugin API, while preserving various fills, weights, typefaces in the range.

Okay this seem to be the way

async function copyText(nodeA: TextNode, nodeB: any) {
    // @ts-ignore - Load all fonts used in the range
    let allFontNames = nodeA.getRangeAllFontNames(0, nodeA.characters.length);
    await Promise.all(;

    // // copy Characters
    nodeB.characters = nodeA.characters;

    let prop = [

    //@ts-ignore - get range details
    let segments = nodeA.getStyledTextSegments(prop);

    // loop over the range and set the font details
    segments.forEach((seg: any) => {
        nodeB.setRangeFontSize(seg.start, seg.end, seg.fontSize);
        nodeB.setRangeFontName(seg.start, seg.end, seg.fontName);
        nodeB.setRangeHyperlink(seg.start, seg.end, seg.hyperlink);
        nodeB.setRangeListOptions(seg.start, seg.end, seg.listOptions);
        nodeB.setRangeIndentation(seg.start, seg.end, seg.indentation);

        if (seg.textStyleId) {
            nodeB.setRangeTextStyleId(seg.start, seg.end, seg.textStyleId);
        } else {
            nodeB.getRangeFontWeight(seg.start, seg.end, seg.fontWeight);
            nodeB.setRangeTextDecoration(seg.start, seg.end, seg.textDecoration);
            nodeB.setRangeTextCase(seg.start, seg.end, seg.textCase);
            nodeB.setRangeLineHeight(seg.start, seg.end, seg.lineHeight);
            nodeB.setRangeLetterSpacing(seg.start, seg.end, seg.letterSpacing);

            ? nodeB.setRangeFillStyleId(seg.start, seg.end, seg.fillStyleId)
            : nodeB.setRangeFills(seg.start, seg.end, seg.fills);
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