How to convert a design system file to a locally accessibly/usable system

I was given this great design system file from a freelance agency, but I can’t use it. The colors and tokens all seem to be coming from a source i don’t have access to. is that possible? It’s like 20 files and 19 of them are linked to components in this one ‘UI kit’ file but when i go to the UI kit file, it doesn’t appear to be a publishable DLS

How do I take this great work and publish it for myself?

Ideal state is that all of the color token, font tokens, buttons etc come through as a publishable library for me locally.

Hi Eve,
Thanks for reaching out to the community!
For that case, I’d suggest you two solutions:

    1. You can ask to the freelance agency to send you an invitation to their Library File as Viewers (which means you’ll be able to make use of that Library if it’s enabled in the File.)
    1. Or, you can also place the Library and any Files you need to access into a Project and just ask them to invite you to that Project, and set the permission access you need.

Hope it helps.

That makes total sense. Sorry for the followup, but what if I might sever ties with them in the future, so i don’t want to have to always link to their file or their project. Specifically, they invited me to their files in their ‘team’ where I am a guest, but I want all of this to be in my company’s ‘team’. Thank you!

For that case, there is only one option: a decision will have to be made on where this file will live if you want evergreen access to it. (You have to decide who should be the eventual owner of the file: your team account or the freelance agency one).

As reminder:

  • If the file lives in the collaborator’s team, you will need at LEAST file level view access in order to access the library (the file also needs to be published as a library to the team).
  • If the end goal is to get the file into your own team, the file will need to be moved.

Hope this is clear! :slightly_smiling_face: