How to change direction of linear smart animation?

I looked for answers to my question, I found a lot of questions but I didn’t find any answers.
I want the menu bar open to left side-
I want it to open in the direction of the red arrow, but it opens in the direction of the blue arrow and goes out of frame.
I used smart animation-> linear

Hello @Michal_Fish_Ben_Hamo

Just select both of your frames from your sidebar component and change their Horizontal constraints from “Left” to “Right”

Like that, your frame will respect always respect the position inside its container.

Thank you for your answer!
I did what you wrote, but its still on the same direction :frowning:
I did it ok?

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Do the same for the instance inside your main frame, the frame you’re using for prototype

That’s exactly what I did here. I didn’t understand where else it should be done?