How to change auto-layout direction automatically on resizing artboard

Hello Figma Advocates, Can you please explain if this can be done actually? I have shared an image to explain my problem. There are 2 conditions:

1 - Artboard size 546, Auto-layout direction - Horizontal
2 - Artboard size 328, Auto-layout direction - Vertical

I want to resize the artboard from 546 to 328 and the Auto-layout direction automatically changes from Horizontal to Vertical. Is there any way to do that? Or am I just dreaming?

Please comment.


What you’re trying to do is conditionally changing the Auto Layout direction, which isnt supported by Figma app yet. You can try looking for plugins that might help you with this but I feel that your use case is quite specific and you’d have to do it manually.

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Thanks for responding Sagar. I thought it worth asking expert designers on the forum. Hope Figma develop and release this someday!