How to change a variant of a component when clicking a different component/button?

Hi all, I am fairly new to variables and advanced prototyping. I am creating a job matching UI.

So I want to remove the top card from a stack of cards when ‘Yes’ button is clicked. Ideally the card be removed to the right when clicking ‘yes’, and card removed to the left when clicking ‘no’.

Can anyone guide me how to do this?

Here is the UI for reference.

Just to make sure I understand: you’re looking for a dynamic animation so when you click the green checkmark, the card moves right and is removed from the stack entirely. Same behavior with the red “x” button, but to the left instead.

The stack of cards is also dynamic‌, yes? Meaning that they can change often and be high in number?

If that’s the case, I’m not sure there’s a smart animation or method to prototyping this that wouldn’t require a lot of interactions – however, I’m not super savvy with prototyping. I’d recommend asking the support team if there are recommendations on how to achieve the behavior you’re looking for: