How to add a new component to an existing component

I have several larger component cards I created and now I need to add a new field to it that is also a component itself but every time I try to add the new component frame to the existing component frame it will not allow me to do so. I even try to drop it in using the layers panel and that doesn’t work. I want to keep the new smaller component separate because I want to add this field to several different larger component cards so that I can update just the small component and it updates across multiple component cards. Is this possible?

Hi, Trilby. Have you checked if you’re dropping the new component to an instance or in the main component?

It’s to the main component

That is weird. Unless you are dropping the main component inside another main component. Are you dropping an instance of the new component inside the main component?

  • You can only add things inside the main component and not on the instance.
  • You can’t add the main component inside another main component. But, you can add its instances inside another main component.
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That’s really helpful information. I just tried a few different ways to create an instance of my main component and it seems like the issue is when I copy/paste the main component it isn’t creating an instance but a whole new main component-so while I thought I was trying to add an instance I wasn’t. I’ve found that either I need to just duplicate the main component instead or use another method to create an instance and then I can place it in the other main component I’m trying to add it to.