How many teams can figma free account create?

It looks like I can create as many teams as I want and every team I created can have one project and three files. Therefore, I can use this method to create unlimited projects and design files?

Hi @Jeremy23 ,
With the Starter Plan (free), you can have only a single team, 1 project, with 3 Figma design files and 3 FigJam files maximum.
And in your Figma design files, you have 3 pages per file maximum.

For more information about Figma plans and features, you can check this article:

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But how could I create more than 6 team already ?

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That was a misleading answer (just like the whole Figma’s pricing). Plans in Figma are team-based, not account-based. So indeed a Starter plan is only a single team (because plans apply only to teams, duh), but your account can be a member of multiple teams on different plans. And all these teams are separate, independent on independent Starter plans. The real answer is you can be a member of up to 100 teams at one time. These teams can be on any plans, including Starter. Also on higher-up plans like Organization and Enterprise you get a whole new entity within Figma and can create unlimited teams within this space — that’s where you can have more than one team on a single plan that you are paying for.