How do you work with more then 2 variable modes?

I’m working with variable modes for different brands. It was going great when I had 2 brands. But now I have my 3rd brand and I added 3rd mode to my collection. But I can’t use this 3rd mode on my file, it looks disabled. It’s not enabled on other files either.

Do you have the same issue?

Hey @Ilarion, thanks for reaching out!

Modes get disabled when a variable in a selection or page (when nothing is selected) maps to a disabled mode, but contains conflicts. This can happen when the disabled mode lives in a different file and contains published updates, but the current file hasn’t accepted the updates yet.

It’s hard to be sure what may be causing the issue without seeing your file though. Please reach out to the support team directly here:

Be sure to use your Figma account email, include a link to your file, and share it with, so we can take a closer look.