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How do I place a layer on top of text with auto layout component?

In a dropdown menu I want a rectangle to highlight the menu options when a user hovers over each one.

The problem is when I add it to my auto layout component it places it to the top or bottom of the text and I can’t figure out how to place it on top of the text.

I can do it when auto layout isn’t selected, but I need auto layout for formatting consistency.

Thanks in advance!

You probably need to add a fill in Auto Layout, not place a rectangle.

But if you still need an absolute position in Auto Layout, do not forget to vote in this thread: Absolute position in Auto Layout

There already is a fill (white) for the background of the component if that’s what you mean?

You can use interactive components. Add variants like Hover, Active, etc where you can change the fill.

Ah ok yes I get what you mean, I’ve added the text into multiple frames within the component and added a fill, thank you!

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