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How Do I Make Transitions Overlap In a Prototype?

With a prototype I’m working on I noticed that the first effect has to complete before the second one starts but I wanted to have the second one start before the first one is complete (maybe about half way into the first ones transition). Is there any way to do that?

Here is what it looks like now. The waves fade in first but have to complete before the text begins. I want the text to start fading in about half way into the waves fading in and both to complete at the same time.

Click to start..

Could you set your prototype sharing settings to anyone with the link can view? It’s not available.

Answering your question, the only way to do that would be to use Interactive Components Beta with different delay animation.

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It isn’t a link. It’s just embedded. The delay may be a little too long before it starts. Maybe it’s latency - idk.

The embed doesn’t work when you don’t have link sharing turned on.


Thanks for sharing the file! It takes a while to start because you are using the “ease in back” animation, which first animates out (to the negative values, which don’t exist when opacity is 0, so there is no point in using it I think) and only then starts animating in (to the target value, which is 100% opacity in this case).

Sorry I wasn’t aware of it. I thought that since I could see it that it was working for everyone. I didn’t think about the fact that I have permission (so of course it would work for me). I did change the setting so hopefully it works for everyone now.