How do I achieve this?

Hi @Dan_Sullivan1 ,

Make 3 shapes and use “image” as fill.

(I have used 3 pictures of colors for the example)

I appreciate the help but how do I turn the rectangles into rhombuses? I’ve never used this application before so I’m pretty stuck.

There is no built-in way to skew a rectangle into a rhombus. Instead you could either draw a rhombus from scratch with the pen tool, or you could start from a rectangle then enter edit mode and move either the top or bottom vertices to your liking. If you want the skew to be a precise degree then you’d best be using a plugin. The one I use is called SkewDat.

Okay, I managed to do it, cheers! Honest question: How do I save the image? Every time I click export or save image it saves as three individual images. I’ve screenshotted it thus far but I’d rather have a high-quality version.

If you only want one file then you should only have one entry in the export section:
The image above shows the export options for the selected rectangle. There are 5 entries, so there will be 5 files. To the left you have a relative size multiplier, in the middle you can enter a suffix (something added at the end of the filename) and lastly which file format. Default is PNG.