How can I zoom faster using ctrl + mouse wheel?

I am moving from Adobe XD to Figma but it gives me anxiety how slow the zoom is.
I am a fast paced designer and I am working with projects with 50+ frames and I need to move fast from one frame to another. I can’t use the + and - shortcuts to zoom faster because my right hand is on the mouse. I also can’t edit the controls how I want them to be as it seems there is no such feature in Figma. In XD, you need about 1 and a half scrolls to go from about 2% to a 100+ percent view. In Figma, you need about 5 scrolls which is sooo disturbing.
I have always found Figma better in almost every aspect but this is the reason I never used it even though to most people it may seem something minor. Is there a way to make zooming faster?