How can I remove Version History links if they are on my file?

I was trying to refer to an old version and somehow I see this version I was checking out; linked and on the top of my version history. How can I unlink this?

Hi @Nilukshi_Nonis, Thanks for contacting us about version history! I have reached out internally to see if there is any way we can assist. I will update once I have more information on this.
If there are other community members who have experienced something similar, please feel free to share your information here!

Thank you!

Hi Junco3. I managed to sort it out. So this linking happens if you accidentally press an old version and accidentally drag some change into the new version. I redragged the current version and everything is ok :slight_smile:

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Hello @Nilukshi_Noni! Thank you for informing us, and it’s wonderful to hear that you managed to sort this out!
We appreciate the detailed information you provided. I believe this will be helpful if someone in this community encounters a similar issue in the future.
Thanks for your help here!