How can I create a wipe transition effect in Figma like in the link?

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Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out. This looks fun! I tried to create a sample for this translation. Please let me share the file.
slider-proto-example.fig (18.6 KB)

I used masks and smart animate for this, so I put the links.

I guess there’re other ways, so if you create a better version, please share!


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Hey Toku,
Thank you for joining and helping.
Moving mask is the solution. I used the same.

I need it for Lottie animation. I also used opacity for the slider. I made that as an interactive component to finish the opacity effect in one second. But the the problem is that Lottie files do not support Figma components.
Now I don’t how to stop opacity in one second using frames!

I tried to use subframes but then there was no option of delay. I tried to use multiple frames but Lottie plugin takes one flow at a time.
My Figma file

Do you know any workaround?

Thanks :smile:

Hey there, your file looks great! Thanks for sharing. I thought a lot about this but I can’t come up with a good idea when it comes to making it as one flow… Sorry about that but if I come up with a good solution, I will share. Please also share when you can make it. My apology that I can’t help much… Toku