How can I automatically assign variable values in one collection to another?

So. I need to have nested ‘modes’ for variables. in some cases I need nesting twice.
As in:

Collection A, ‘Mode 1’ = Collection B variables

Collection B, ‘mode 1’ = Collection C variables

To do this manually is exhausting, 1000’s of token assignments. Is there a plugin or script anyone knows about I can run to automaticallty assign these links, if for example the variables all have matching names or some such?

Hi @Spencer_Hurd, Thank you for reaching out! I understand the challenge of manually assigning thousands of tokens.

I’ve explored our community to find any plugins that could help automate the assignment of nested variables in your collections. Although I couldn’t find an exact match, I hope the following plugins might reduce some of the manual effort required:

Please feel free to explore our community on your own.
If anyone from our community has suggestions or insights, please jump in!