[.Hidden] Components of a published library still publishing to teams and projects

I’ve seen this topic a few times with no solve yet. I have variants of components I don’t want my team to use yet. We have light and dark mode components, but the dark mode components are not available in implementation yet so the design components are hidden with [.] However, the team is still seeing those hidden components in the asset panel of their projects leading to designers picking up the wrong components. The names are also displaying as properties.

I have double and triple checked the components and have tried pushing the updates to no avail. I’m afraid to unpublish and republish as we have many files connected to the library now.

Has anyone figured out a fix to this yet?

Hey @AP_Pikeas, so sorry to hear this is happening!

This can happens when there are instances of your hidden components, that are still used in the file. If you’ve already removed all instances of these from your files, they should stop showing in the assets search box.

Since it sounds like you’ve already tried that, can you try using ‘Select all’ or dragging to select the frames that you see this occurring and use 'Detach deleted variables" from the Quick Actions menu.

Please note this won’t clear deleted variables from instances, so you’ll need to run this command on the components and then publish and accept the changes for them to populate as expected.

I’m hoping that this helps clear the issue for you, but if not please don’t hesitate to let us know and we’ll be happy to troubleshoot further with you!