Help prototyping a numbers adjustment

I am building prototype interface in Figma. Part of the interface involves some settings boxes where the users would have the ability to adjust a number up and down (think of a quantity counter in an e-store). The problem is the users will need to have the ability to adjust the value from 1 to 100 in increments of one. And then, there are 9 different values that require this level of adjustment.

I know how to do the overlay swap prototype feature to achieve this but that will require creating 900 components and linking each one sequentially (which will be very time consuming and tedious).

So, my question is does anyone know of a time efficient or easier way to do this? I’ve briefly searched for plugins or something but haven’t found anything. If anyone has any thoughts, it would be greatly appreciated!

So prototyping an incremental counter like you described isn’t really an easy thing to do in Figma, but it is doable. If you make it an interactive component, you can make one and reuse it 9 times, which would help. I would avoid overlays IMO.

However, if you’re prototyping a thing where changing a counter value changes something elsewhere on the page, this becomes way too complicated and Figma may not be the best tool for such interactive prototypes that have dynamic state changes.

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