Help needed! Vertical scroll can scroll more than what I have on my screen, causing a big white space, what is causing it and how do I solve it?


The most top part of my screen is the red box, however, when in prototype, I can pull the vertical scrolling the page way down, exposing the white background.

Anyone know what is causing this? and how I can solve this?

  1. Ungrouping all and make only the page frame scroll vertical → failed
  2. Making status bar (the one with time and battery) into a frame and fixed its position (trying to create a based line on top for the bottom part to have a reference point → failed
  3. Breaking up the red box content and make only the name together with the bottom content vertically scrollable → does not work fully as I need to red box to be scrollable too

Can you please post a screenshot of your frame as it is in Figma and your layers panel for it too?

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